DJ Jillian is one of Saint Louis' few regularly-performing female DJs, and has gathered a resume of both private events and public gigs in five years of performing. Focusing on mixing seamless transitions rather than just being a "push-play dee-jay," Jillian prefers to keep you guessing what song is coming up next. There's no such thing as dead air in her sets, and you'll almost never hear a song end before the next one begins. 

Jillian’s music tastes focus on dance, pop, deep house, indie, lounge, and remixes, although on her downtime she is prone to dancing to hip hop and rap. Always looking to try something new, it's not a surprise if you hear a Drake track mixed into a Peter Gabriel song.

With an easily transported setup, and her own top-of-the-line PA system, Jillian is able to adapt to events both big and small. She has performed at a tiny wedding held in a living room, as well as massive outdoor public events such as the Saint Louis Art Museum's Art Hill Film Series. 

Jillian has been publicly performing since 2014. Find an extensive list of events, venues, and more regarding her experience here!

Jillian is also carving a niche for herself as STL’s premier queer DJ for weddings and events. A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, you’ll find her throwing a monthly party for queer folx called SWITCH. Find more here!